Empowering the future with sustainable computation

We’re innovating at the Intersection of AI, HPC, and Sustainability.

About Nscale

Nscale data centre in Glomfjord

At Nscale, we're driven by the vision to redefine the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High-Performance Computing (HPC) through innovative, sustainable solutions.

With a foundation built on cutting-edge technology and a commitment to environmental responsibility, we empower organisations across the globe to unlock new potentials in AI research, data analysis, and cloud computing.

Our strategic location in the Arctic Circle allows us to leverage the local climate for energy efficient adiabatic cooling, complemented by our use of 100% renewable energy, underscoring our dedication to a sustainable digital future.

Nscale's diverse team of experts collaborates closely with clients, ensuring customised solutions that meet the unique needs of each project, fostering advancements that lead industries forward.

Nscale data centre in Glomfjord
Our Team

Meet our leadership

The leadership team propelling Nscale towards technological innovation and sustainable computing solutions.

Josh Payne
Founder & CEO

Significant entrepreneurial experience in capital markets, crypto mining, and M&A in the renewable energy sector; Co-Founder and COO of the $357 million NASDAQ-listed battery metals SPAC, Battery Future Acquisition Corp.

Sam Palmisano
Board Advisor

Previous Chairman, CEO and President of IBM, spanning a 40+ year career; also served as Vice Chairman of the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity in 2016 as part of the Obama Administration.

David Power
Chief Technology Officer

20+ years of entrepreneurial experience in HPC, software engineering, and AI industries; CTO of Nscale AI and Define Tech; Co-Founder of vScaler.

Elio van Puyvelde
Chief Information Officer

15+ years of entrepreneurial experience in HPC and AI industries; Co-Founder of ElioVP, a manufacturer, designer, and operator of premium HPC hardware and software systems.

Mariano Salomon
Chief Revenue Officer

15+ years of experience in HPC, and AI industries, including a 10+ year tenure at Supermicro as VP of Strategic Sales for the EMEA region.

Alex Sharp
Chief Project Officer

Chartered Electrical and Electronic Engineer with 25+ years of experience building data centers. Previously Global Head of Design and Construction at Iron Mountain Data Centers.

Justin Murphy
Project Lead

15+ years of engineering, project management and operations experience.

Ash Patel
SVP of Operations

Ash has 22 years of experience with cloud technologies. He has built cloud and SaaS businesses for organisations worldwide, including Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Insight & Rackspace. Winner of the '2023 Outstanding Leadership Award' and named '2023 Top 50 Most Admired Indians Globally. Ash has been recognised for his contributions to the industry by creating sustainable solutions through innovation.

Sal Al-Mosawi
SVP Growth & Partnerships

20 years of experience in data analytics & AI. Data Scientist by trade. Experienced in commercialising and scaling AI companies such as Domino Data Labs, Peak AI and ZAP.

Chris Hingley
VP of Sales

A seasoned professional, excelling in management and sales across elite companies, passionately engages with teams and clients to realise their ambitions.

Sam Sturgess
VP of Strategy & Corp. Development

AI-focused strategist with experience developing commercial and operational strategies across the tech ecosystem, with a strong background in scaling AI companies, products, and services. Previously Head of Strategy at a European GPU Cloud and strategy consultant at MTM and Cambridge Consultants.

Daniel Bathurst
Head of Product

Product Leader with 10+ years experience building transformative B2C, B2B & AI applications across finance, blockchain & e-commerce; impacting millions.

Hamish Jackson-Mee
Head of Design

10+ years designing award-winning software; Founding designer at multiple AI/ML companies; Most recently the design director at Paramount Global helping lead the transition into streaming.

Colin Muscat
Head of Support & Operations

15+ years of engineering, project management and operations experience.

Nick Jones
Head of Engineering

Nick is an experienced engineering leader with a career spanning over two decades across a wide variety of industries and sectors. As an OpenUK and a CNCF Ambassador he's heavily active in the Cloud Native and Open Infrastructure communities. He's passionate about new technologies and methodologies, especially those in relation to Open Source, virtualisation, orchestration, automation, and all forms of cloud computing.

Steve Relf
Head of Operational Engineering

Engineer with 15+ years of experience of designing, building and operating complex cloud and on-prem platforms.

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