Compute purpose-built for AI workloads

Train LLMs and other AI models on high-performance GPU clusters. Our Managed Kubernetes and Slurm orchestration options allow for easy management and complete utilisation of your compute.


Improved resource utilisation
Up to 40% improvement on efficiency.
On throughput and latency
AMD MI300X GPUs with GEMM tuning improves throughput and latency by up to 7.2x
More performance for less
Nscale delivers on average 80% cost-saving in comparison to hyperscalers.
On time to insights
Nscale Cloud accelerates time to insights by up to 30% thanks to its AI-optimised stack.

Dynamically manage AI workloads and resources

Our Managed Kubernetes service was built for training LLMs. Nscale handles the infrastructure, so you can focus on innovation. Benefit from automated scaling, orchestration, and seamless integration with your workflows.
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Workloads being dynamically managed with Nscale Training
Advanced workload scheduling with Nscale Training

Utilise 100% of your cluster with our advanced scheduler

Get the best of both worlds with our Slurm on Kubernetes (SLONK) service. Enjoy advanced job scheduling, resource allocation, and efficient workload management when training LLMs.
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Industry leading GPU clusters at all scales

Our GPU clusters are flexible and scalable to meet training needs of all types and sizes. Whether you’re scaling up for large projects or fine-tuning models, our clusters provide the power and efficiency required.
Reserve GPUs
High performance GPU clusters with Nscale Training
Managed Kubernetes
Simplify AI training with our managed Kubernetes service. We handle infrastructure and scaling, so you can focus on developing your models.
Advanced Scheduling
Use Slurm on Kubernetes (SLONK) for advanced job scheduling and resource management. Enhance efficiency and performance of complex AI workloads.
Purpose Built GPU Compute
Scalable GPU clusters built for training LLMs. Ideal for all project sizes and model fine-tuning, utilising our high performing, flexible hardware.
Nscale's vertically integrated suite of services and compute

Get access to a fully integrated 
suite of AI services 
and compute

Reduce costs, grow revenue, and run your AI workloads more efficiently on a fully integrated platform. Whether you're using Nscale's built-in AI/ML tools or your own, our platform is designed to simplify the journey from development to production.

GPU nodes
Nscale's Datacentres
Powered by 100% renewable energy
LLM Library
Pre-configured Software
Pre-configured Infrastructure
Job Management
Container Orchestration
Optimised Libraries
Optimised Compilers and Tools
Optimised Runtime


What is our Managed Kubernetes service for AI training?

Our managed Kubernetes service handles all infrastructure and scaling needs for your AI training, allowing you to focus solely on developing and optimising your models.

How does SLONK enhance AI workload management?

SLONK (Slurm on Kubernetes) provides advanced job scheduling and resource management, improving the efficiency and performance of complex AI workloads.

Can I scale my AI training projects with your GPU clusters?

Yes, our GPU clusters are designed to be flexible and scalable, accommodating small and large-scale LLM training projects and model fine-tuning requirements.

What types of AI workloads are supported by your services?

Our services support a wide range of AI workloads, including model training, fine-tuning, and inference. Our infrastructure is optimised for high performance and efficiency across each of these.

Access thousands of GPUs tailored to your requirements.