Finance & Insurance

At Nscale, we offer GPU cloud computing solutions designed to elevate your computational capabilities to support the finance and insurance industry and bring innovative services to market faster.

Support Computational Needs
Handle complex financial modelling, risk analysis, and big data analytics with Nscale’s GPU cloud platform.
Accelerate Data Analysis
Speed up the pace of data analysis by leveraging scalable GPU resources tailored to your needs, reducing time-to-insight, and enabling faster decision-making.
Drive Innovation in Services
Facilitate the development of innovative financial and insurance services with Nscale’s scalable cloud solutions, enabling efficient data processing and analysis.
Gain a Competitive Edge

Example uses

Financial Service Organisations that leverage GPU and Cloud technology are gaining a competitive edge through enhanced efficiency, improved decision-making, and superior customer service.

Financial Modelling
Accelerated development

Financial service researchers can leverage the computational power of GPUs to develop and test complex financial models and in turn accelerate the development of new financial products.

Monte Carlo Simulations
Reduced time to insights

Used extensively in financial services for pricing derivatives, risk management, and portfolio optimisation, Nscale’s platform can significantly reduce the time required to run these simulations.

Fraud Detection
Real-time Analysis

GPUs enhance the speed of anomaly detection algorithms, making it easier to identify unusual claims or policyholder behaviours that may indicate fraud.

Customer Service
Powered by AI Cloud

Deploy chatbots and virtual assistants to handle customer inquiries and claims submissions, accelerated by GPUs to ensure quick and accurate responses.

More solutions

Nscale accelerates the journey from development to deployment, delivering faster time to productivity for your AI initiatives.

Access thousands of GPUs tailored to your requirements.