Nscale Cloud provides a range of solutions tailored to biotech companies and healthcare research institutions. Offering cost-effective GPU resources and expert AI assistance, Nscale empowers healthcare facilities to advance medical research and personalised treatment.

AI Experts
Access to a team of AI experts who can assist you from model training to implementation, ensuring you make the most of our powerful resources.
Optimised Infrastructure
Whether you're working on protein structure prediction or genomic data analysis, Nscale Cloud's infrastructure provides the performance, stability and speed you need.
Cost-Effective Cloud
Nscale Cloud provides cost-effective GPU resources that allow you to perform complex computations and analyses with transparent pricing options.
Fostering Collaboration and Innovation

Enhancing Efficiency in Healthcare

The fusion of cloud technology and GPUs is revolutionising healthcare, impacting areas like bioinformatics, genomics, drug discovery, personalised medicine, and multiomic analysis. These technologies improve the efficiency and accuracy of research and diagnosis and promote collaboration and innovation.

Drug Discovery
Train large-scale AI models

Nscale Cloud's GPU infrastructure is optimised for training large-scale AI models that can accelerate protein structure prediction, enabling faster drug discovery and development processes.

Personalised medicine

Analyse vast amounts of genomic data, paving the way for personalised treatment solutions. By utilising our high-performance computing resources, you can uncover insights that drive innovation in personalised medicine.

Life Sciences
Accelerated Simulations

Nscale’s high-performance GPUs enable high-speed processing of complex biological and chemical simulations, expediting research in fields such as biochemistry and pharmacology.

Scalable Storage

Nscale Cloud provides scalable storage solutions for the massive datasets generated in bioinformatics, ensuring that data is easily accessible and always secure.

More solutions

Nscale accelerates the journey from development to deployment, delivering faster time to productivity for your AI initiatives.

Access thousands of GPUs tailored to your requirements.