bare metal compute

Nscale's bare metal GPU Compute service for AI, ML, and HPC workloads. Access MI300X, H100, and GB200 accelerators with best-in-class networking, storage and advanced cooling technology.


Improved resource utilisation
Up to 40% improvement on efficiency.
On throughput and latency
AMD MI300X GPUs with GEMM tuning improves throughput and latency by up to 7.2x
More performance for less
Nscale delivers on average 80% cost-saving in comparison to hyperscalers.
On time to insights
Nscale Cloud accelerates time to insights by up to 30% thanks to its AI-optimised stack.

No frills, just GPU compute

We built our GPU Nodes service for those who want the raw performance of bare metal GPUs. Say good bye to bloated infrastructure environments and hello to simplicity. Choose your node type and quantity, we’ll handle the rest.
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Interface for managing GPU Nodes in Nscale
GPU nodes that scale to all needs with Nscale GPU Nodes

Infrastructure that grows with you

All of our services are integrated with and built on the same infrastructure. This means you can add, remove, scale up, scale down your compute as your needs change. Start with bare metal GPU nodes and know you can layer on orchestration, scheduling, or application services in the future.
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Access cutting-edge hardware

Alongside the worlds best GPUs, Nscale has optimised the underlying architecture of our cloud to ensure all components are balanced and performance optimised. We follow supercomputing best practises to ensure all components are best of breed and provide large scale application performance scalability.

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Harness the power of AMD's MI300X GPUs for unparalleled compute performance and efficiency.


Instant access to AMD MI250X GPUs to drive results for all your computational needs.


Experience the pinnacle of AI performance with Nvidia H100 GPUs available instantly.

Nscale's vertically integrated suite of services and compute

Get access to a fully integrated 
suite of AI services 
and compute

Reduce costs, grow revenue, and run your AI workloads more efficiently on a fully integrated platform. Whether you're using Nscale's built-in AI/ML tools or your own, our platform is designed to simplify the journey from development to production.

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What is GPU Nodes from Nscale and how does it work?

Nscale's GPU Nodes offering allows users to access powerful graphics processing units (GPUs) remotely over the internet. At Nscale, we provide on-demand access to high-performance GPUs for tasks such as AI training, rendering, and scientific computing. Users can easily provision and scale GPU resources based on their specific needs.

What types of GPUs does Nscale offer?

Nscale offers a range of GPUs to suit different requirements, including NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. Our lineup includes models such as the NVIDIA A100, H100, and V100, as well as AMD MI300X and MI250X GPUs. These GPUs are optimised for various workloads, from deep learning and machine learning to graphics rendering and scientific simulations.

What are the benefits of using GPU Nodes from Nscale?

By leveraging GPU Nodes from Nscale, users can enjoy several benefits, including:
1. Access to high-performance GPUs without the need for upfront hardware investment.
2. Scalability to easily adjust GPU resources based on workload demands.
3. Cost-effectiveness by paying only for the GPU resources used.
4. Flexibility to choose from a variety of GPU models to suit specific application requirements.
5. Simplified management and provisioning of GPU resources through our user-friendly platform.
6. Reliable performance and uptime, backed by Nscale's robust infrastructure and support services.

What industries can benefit from GPU Nodes?

GPU Nodes from Nscale is beneficial for a wide range of industries, including:
1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning research and development.
2. Gaming and entertainment for graphics rendering and simulation.
3. Healthcare for medical imaging and analysis.
4. Finance for quantitative analysis and risk modeling.
5. Automotive for autonomous driving and vehicle simulation.
6. Aerospace and engineering for simulation and modelling.

How secure is GPU Nodes with Nscale?

Security is a top priority at Nscale, and we employ industry-leading security measures to protect our GPU infrastructure and user data. Our platform features robust encryption, access controls, and network security protocols to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of GPU resources.

Can I try GPU Nodes from Nscale before committing?

Yes, Nscale offers a trial period for users to experience our GPU Nodes platform before making a commitment. During the trial period, users can explore our platform, provision GPU resources, and test their workloads to ensure compatibility and performance. Contact our sales team to inquire about our trial options and get started today.

Access thousands of GPUs tailored to your requirements.