Nscale's Cloud platform features GPU technology and a team of AI experts to help accelerate simulation processes and business operations, enabling manufacturers to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and minimise production downtime.

AI at Scale
Easily scale computing resources up or down based on demand, ensuring optimal performance without over-provisioning.
Empowering Collaboration
Engineers can access powerful computing resources from anywhere, promoting flexibility and collaboration.
Accelerated Insights
Nscale GPU’s significantly speed up calculations, allowing for quicker analysis and decision-making.
Streamline Operations

Example uses

Leveraging industry-leading GPU technology, and a fully optimised software stack, Nscale’s AI platform enables manufacturing companies to accelerate and streamline their business-critical operations such as supply chain logistics, quality control, and design.

Predictive Maintenance Models
Model Training Platform

Develop and train predictive models that predict when a machine is likely to fail, allowing maintenance teams to intervene before a breakdown occurs, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Supply Chain Logistics Optimisation
Fast Data Analysis

Quickly and easily analyse large datasets related to inventory levels, demand forecasts, and transportation routes, manufacturers to make more informed supply-chain decisions.

Quality Control and Defect Detection
Real-time Image Classification

Leveraging GPU Cloud for quality control allows for real-time defect detection and classification. For instance, images and sensor data from production lines can be swiftly processed to ensure that products meet quality standards.

Design and Simulation
Accelerate Design Iterations

Cloud-based GPUs allow manufacturers to run complex simulations and design iterations much quicker than traditional methods -  especially beneficial in industries such as automotive and aerospace, where precision and rigorous testing are critical.

More solutions

Nscale accelerates the journey from development to deployment, delivering faster time to productivity for your AI initiatives.

Access thousands of GPUs tailored to your requirements.