Join Nscale in Mastering GPU Selection: Choosing the Right GPU for Your Needs


Navigating the complexities surrounding GPUs and determining which one suits your specific computing needs is a challenge many companies face. Whether you are in the business of data science, machine learning or any form of advanced computing - the question of which GPU to choose significantly influences your project's efficiency and success.

In collaboration with AMD, Nscale invites you to our upcoming webinar - "Choosing the Right GPU for Your Needs", hosted by Elio Van Puyvelde, CIO of Nscale, and Jörg Roskowetz, Director Solution Architect AI and Web3 Technology at AMD.

In this webinar, we aim to demystify the technology and performance metrics behind GPUs, providing you with the necessary tools to make informed decisions.

Date: 30th May 2024 at 3 pm BST

Duration: 60 minutes

What to Expect from This Webinar?

In this 60-minute webinar, the CIO of Nscale and the Director Solution Architect AI and Web3 Technology at AMD will provide you with comprehensive insights into GPU technologies and their practical applications.


  • Understanding GPU Technology: A concise overview highlighting the fundamental differences between GPU technologies and the importance of selecting the right GPU for your workload.
  • Live Demonstration: Experience real-time demonstrations of AMD's MI250 GPUs in action performing complex tasks.
  • Performance Analysis: Engage with a thorough analysis of performance benchmarks, complete with clear graphs and comparative results between traditional and AMD GPUs.
  • Interactive Q&A and Live Polls: The webinar will conclude with an interactive Q&A session and live polls, providing personalised insights and advice to help you select the optimal GPU for your needs.

At Nscale, we aim to help you choose the right GPU for the right workload.

Choosing the right GPU doesn't just impact your current projects; it sets the foundation for future scalability and performance. Join us to gain crucial insights and stay ahead in the fast-evolving tech landscape.

Register now to secure your spot and move closer to making an informed decision that can significantly enhance your computational capabilities.


Nisha Arya
Head of Content

Data scientist turned marketer with 6+ years of experience in the AI and machine learning industry.

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